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Tango Siempre are the UK’s leading tango company. Since 1998 they have toured the UK and Europe with projects ranging from traditional tango dance shows (Subitango and Tangomotion) to collaborations with orchestras, contemporary dance companies and internationally acclaimed jazz musicians.

Tango Siempre created the musical score for the Olivier-nominated “Midnight Tango” starring Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace (BBC Strictly Come Dancing), and performed the show nearly 500 times in three UK tours and two West End runs to great critical acclaim. They have appeared on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, Zingzillas, The One Show, ITV’s “Surprise Surprise” and Radio 3’s “In Tune”. Their repertoire consists of original compositions and of music from the great Argentinian orchestras and of Astor Piazzolla’s Nuevo Tango ensembles.

Tango Siempre have recorded 5 albums: ‘Nocturno’ (2002, ARCM1807), ‘Tangled’ (2004, ARCM1960), ‘Tangents’ (2007, GMC024) featuring Steve Arguelles and Gilad Atzmon, ‘Only Human’, (2008, Galileo-MC), and “Malandras del Tango” with special guests Victor Villena and Guillermo Rozenthuler.

“[Tango Siempre’s] playing has the verve and gut-wrenching rhythmic drive associated with the greatest Argentinian bands, and their account of the scores, especially marvels by Astor Piazzolla, has the earthy vitality, the urban chic, so central to tango’s music and steps… here is the tango, raw, intoxicating, speaking with its true voice. For the violinist Ros Stephen, the pianist Jonathan Taylor and their colleagues, much admiration…

— Financial Times

“a brilliant fusion of classical, tango, jazz and roots

— The Guardian

“That rare thing: Brit tango with attitude.

— Songlines

“It’s Taylor’s mature compositional voice, together with the group’s elegant flair for tango, that makes this an engaging and pleasurable listen on every level.

— The Guardian


Counter's Creek 3.jpg

Counter's Creek is an acoustic folk trio based in London who make original music inspired by the folk music of the British Isles and beyond. Jigs, reels, grooves from Eastern Europe & West Africa, catchy melodies with closely interwoven harmonies allied to a real sense of swing and dance energy. 

Fiddler Tom Newell is known for his work with Effra who perform regularly at UK folk festivals as well as The Ceilidh Liberation Front, Alex Mendham & His Orchestra and pop acts including Muse, One Direction and Lana Del Rey. He also plays banjo and mandolin (not to mention charango and mouth harp).


Guitarist Moss Freed plays with jazz/folk group Flekd, the Spike Orchestra, has recently recorded for John Zorn’s Tzadik label and is currently researching a PhD at Hull University.


Whistle player Jonathan Taylor has worked in many different musical genres: best known as a jazz pianist who's played with artists such as Pee Wee Ellis, Fred Wesley, Ruby Turner and various British jazz luminaries, he's also co-founder of Tango Siempre, appeared on Strictly Come Dancing and arranged music for Robert Wyatt…Three musicians from very different backgrounds, united by a love of acoustic folk music, great tunes and earthy dance grooves.

“The Careful Placement of Stones is probably the best jazz-folk album that you will hear this year.”

FATEA Magazine

“Inspiring virtuosity rooted in Celtic outstanding instrumental album...features timelessly crafted whistle and fiddle tunes masterfully performed by some of the finest musicians in London's contemporary folk scene.”

— World Music Central

“Modern sounding and atmospheric...sublime...there is no better allegory (placing stones) for this highly recommended release merging so many elements of different traditions in such an elegant and smooth way.”

— Bright Young Folk

“This debut album of jazz-folk fusion marries traditional instruments such as whistles, banjos and jaw harps to proggy progressions and meandering melodies with great effect.”

— 'The Musician' Magazine

“Ambitiously eclectic”

— The Living Tradition

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